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Bishop Swarbrick visits Ladyewell

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Bishop SBishop Paul Swarbrick made is first official visit following his ordination as 7th Bishop of Lancaster to St Mary’s & Ladyewell on 12 May 2018 to lead the annual diocesan altar server pilgrimage.

Bishop Swarbrick refers to his visit in his first ever Bishop’s Blog which is now available at http://www.lancasterdiocese.org.uk/our-bishop/bishops-blog/

We look forward to welcoming Bishop Swarbrick back to St Mayr’s & Ladyewell again on many occasions.

This week at St Mary’s & Ladyewell – 13 May 2018

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Seventh Sunday of Easter  Year B
Sunday 13th May 2018.     St Mary’s
Sunday 13th MayWorld Communications Day of




Paul Fingleton RIPBenediction

People of the Parish

St Mary’s
Monday 14th MaySt. Matthias 9am3 pm Paul Fingleton RIPNO MASS St Mary’sLadyewell
Tuesday 15th May 9am3pm Father Jonathan BrownSick and Needy St Mary’sLadyewell
Wednesday 16th May 9am3pm Frank & Margaret Gregson RIPSick and Needy St Mary’sLadyewell
Thursday 17th May 9am3pm Silvia Rose RIPSick and Needy St Mary’sLadyewell
Friday 18th MaySt. John 1 Pope & Martyr 12 noon Special Intention Ladyewell 
Saturday 19th MaySt. Dunstan 12 noon Special Intention Ladyewell
Sunday 20th MayPentecost 10am2.45


Jeanne Carter RIPBenediction

People of the Parish

St Mary’s

Please pray for the sick Elsie Wilson, , Cynthia Holden, and all in Preston Private Nursing Home


Everyone is welcome to join us for Coffee after 10am Mass


Ist Sunday of each month at the end of Mass anyone who will be having a birthday in that month come forward for a blessing


Numbers attending Mass 120  Collectio0n £317.50



  1. Preston Food Bank would be grateful for donations of food or toiletries. These can be left at the back of Church.   Thank you 
  2. Ladyewell Shrine Summer Opening hours. Ladyewell House will be closed on Sunday & Monday. Prayer Room and Grounds will be open. Ladyewell House will be open on Tuesday-Saturday from 10am – 5pm 

    3.   Annual Magazine for St Mary’s & Ladyewell is now available and members of the   Parish expected to assist in the effective distribution of the magazine. We are one family of God on Mission.


  1. Church Cleaners. We would be grateful if any member of the Parish would be willing to help with cleaning our beautiful Church please contact either Father Ernest or Father Mario those who would like to clean the church on a Saturday this could be arranged. 
  2. Lancaster Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham. Tuesday 5th October – Friday 5th October 2018.The cost is £280.00 full board 3 nights based on two people sharing. Contact Paul Briers (Pilgrimage Organiser) Tele: 01946 834834. mobile 07773848819 or email guildshop@yahoo.co.ukPlease note change of date for Walsingham Pilgrimage.


  1. First Communion and Confirmations cards and gifts are now on sale at Ladyewell 


    7.    Eucharist Ministers  & Readers. A meeting will be held on   Wednesday 30th May 2018 at 6pm. at Ladyewell Shrine.



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WhatsApp-Image-20160628 (6)

Sunday 8th April 2018.


Divine Mercy Sunday there will be the Divine Mercy Prayer and devotion at Ladyewell immediately after 3pm Mass come one, come all.



Lancaster Diocesan Pilgrimage 2017

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PILG 17 2LANCASTER DIOCESE AT LADYEWELL SHRINE Great is the goodness of God! It is yet another remarkable pilgrimage of the Diocese to Ladyewell Shrine. The beauty of this day is seen in the brightness of the day as the Sun shone through the day bringing God’s goodness and smiles to all who attended.

Speaking in his homily, the Bishop beautifully explained the symbolism of Water as source of life. As source of life and cleansing, water refreshes and purifies. Spiritually, it symbolises what God gives us: Cleansing and new life through Baptism. Through water, we get spiritual refreshment and cleansing. Water symbolises God’s gift of the Holy Spirit, who quenches our spiritual thirst leading us to deeper knowledge and love of God, the Bishop explained.

Relating the above to today’s pilgrimage, the Bishop explained that all are to see their pilgrimage today as a journey to the refreshing spring of God. Pilgrimage to the well should remind all of the journey of faith began at Baptism, he articulated. Strengthened by this journey, we are to strive on in faith witnessing. It PILG 17 3should help us to deepen and renew baptismal promises and commitment to faith.

Gratitude to God who brightened the day with warmth and sunshine! Gratitude to Our Lady of Fernyhalgh and the Lancashire Martyrs for great faith and prayers!! Gratitude to our dear Bishop!! Gratitude to the Priests and Religious in attendance for their time and support. Gratitude to the People of God in Lancaster Diocese. long live Lancaster Diocese. Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, now and for ever. Amen.

Ladyewell – The Shrine

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Devotion to Our Lady of Fernyhalgh goes back through the ages to the 11th century. Since the Reformation a devotion to Our Lady as Queen of Martyrs has developed, which is reflected at Ladyewell in the reliquary, the presence of the Burgess Altar and the chapel of the English Martyrs. There has never been an apparition of Our Blessed Lady at Fernyhalgh just continued prayer and petition over seven centuries. Even during penal times apart from a period of five years, the shrine attracted pilgrims and was the focus of local Catholic prayer. A secluded spot, only 4 miles from the centre of Preston and in close proximity to a very busy motorway, surrounded on three sides by ancient and protected woodland, Fernyhalgh has retained it tranquil and sylvan charm.

The name Fernyhalgh is thought by some historians to mean Ancient Shrine. Professor E.J.Popham suggests that the place was called “ancient shrine” by Anglo

Saxons because on this site was a shrine which even in their day was considered ancient, though this seems a tenuous link. The more feasible explanation is that of etymologist John Bannister who maintains “the name means a watery meadow abounding in ferns.” He goes on to say “halgh bears a similar meaning to the first syllable of Haighton, and is interchangeable with haugh”. “Fernig halth,” the Old English for “a field with ferns” would appear to confirm that this is the more likely meaning.

The name Ladyewell, spelt originally Ladye Well, appears to have developed following the rebuilding of the present house in 1685. There was another Ladywell in the centre of Preston, which has long ceased to exist; the site of an old friary is remembered by the present day Ladyewell Street.

Local people tend to refer to Our Lady of Fernyhalgh, which is correct, but over the years the term Ladyewell has become used by those who visit particularly from away. In the writings of Fr Christopher Tuttell (alias Blacklow) the house and chapel was referred to as Ladyewell House, which is the case today.

Pilgrims continue to make their way to this beautiful shrine where they intercede to Our Blessed Lady, bring their petitions and leave unburdened and spiritually renewed.

Fernyhalgh is the Diocesan Shrine of Lancaster and encompasses the beautiful church of St Mary and Ladyewell House and grounds, which is the site of the well. The main pilgrimage season tends to run from May to the end of October, during which time the dioceses of Lancaster, Liverpool and Salford hold their annual pilgrimages to Ladyewell; pilgrims attend in large numbers and are usually led by the Archbishop or Bishop of the visiting group. The devotion at Ladyewell is ecumenical, attracting members of other Faiths. The Anglican community come all year round and usually hold a large pilgrimage at the beginning of June (Forward in Faith and the Society of Mary). Members of the Orthodox churches also visit and hold their services. The Kerala Indians living in this part of Lancashire hold a service each month in their own vernacular. They have a great devotion to Our Blessed Lady and never a day goes by without members of this Catholic Indian community visiting. They pray often for the blessing of children and come back to give thanks usually on the way home from the maternity ward. Travelling families also visit Ladyewell, its proximity to the motorway enables them to call frequently en route often from Ireland, their names and faces are very familiar to us.

Pilgrims come daily summer and winter whatever the weather. Even when the house is closed they come and intercede at the shrine, which is always open. Large pilgrimages usually start with Mass at St Mary’s and then process down to Ladyewell either with the Blessed Sacrament or reciting the rosary. It is a moving and inspiring sight to see so many of the faithful, young, old and very often infirm gathering to honour the Mother of God in this particular way. Many of them recall being brought as children by their parents and recount of prayers answered and favours granted. Local pilgrims remember coming as part of their own annual church pilgrimage, walking from Preston in procession to congregate and give homage to Our Blessed Lady of Fernyhalgh. Many parish groups of lay ministries and Catholic associations visit and have their own days of retreat and devotions.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and the sacrament of Reconciliation is an important feature of pilgrimage days enabling pilgrims to obtain the

Spiritual rewards that they seek; they also take away with them water from the well and use it in invocation to Our Blessed Lady who inspires great devotion. “To Jesus through Mary” is so relevant at the shrine where those who may have strayed from their Faith often find the courage with the help of Our Lady to benefit from the peace of the sacrament of Reconciliation, which is available on request.


Services & Liturgy Rota

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For all the latest service times and liturgy rota.

CLICK HERE for latest times.

St Mary’s, Fernyhalgh

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The beautiful  Grade 2 Listed  church of St Mary’s Fernyhalgh was built in 1794 by the Reverend Anthony Lund who was the missioner at Ladye Well the local Marian shrine . Fr Lund who had been at the shrine since 1773 realized that the small chapel at the shrine was not large enough to accommodate the many pilgrims who were coming to pray at the shrine. He resolved to build and endow a larger church unfortunately the nearest land he could purchase was a quarter of a mile along the lane. Fr Lund actively helped to build the church, the presbytery and the Hermitage house adjacent to the church.

The church was lavishly decorated and stained glass windows installed during the incumbency of Fr Richard Gillow 1823-1863; the devotion of Quarant Ore was introduced to Preston at St Marys during this period and many people came out to the church in carriages to see the beautiful image of Our Blessed Lady above the altar and to participate in the candle lit services in a church full of flowers.

To day the church still plays its part in the many pilgrimages that visit Ladyewell  they then walk saying the Rosary to the shrine. Despite the lack of a village the church has an active  congregation who care for it. It is well worth a visit to view its unique decoration.

Booking your Visit

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To book your visit to this vibrant centre of pilgrimage that is devotion for thousands of Christians.

CLICK HERE for latest booking information.


Monday to Saturday
10am - 5pm

House closed. Grounds and prayer room open.
Wed, Thu Fri & Sat
10am to 3.30pm

House closed. Grounds and prayer room open.
Sunday Masses at St. Mary’s – 10am and 3pmFriday and Saturday Masses at Ladyewell - 12noon
How to Book Your Visit

If you are wishing to book a visit, please use the link below.