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Celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Fernyhalgh at St. Mary’s, Fernyhalgh and Ladyewell Shrine – Parish Pilgrimage

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IMG-20160625-WA0008 jpg Celebrating the feast of our Lady of Fernyhalgh at St. Mary’s, Fernyhalgh and Ladyewell Shrine

“This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad” (cf. Ps 118:24). The above Psalm verse captures well the feelings of the priest directors of St. Mary’s, Fernyhalgh and Ladyewell Shrine, as they celebrate double events: Feast of Our Lady of Fernyhalgh, Queen of Martyrs and Priestly ordination of one of their Confreres in Nigeria. Today marks a great day in their lives and ministry in Fernyhalgh and Ladyewell Shrine, as well as in the lives of the faithful of God’s Family in IMG_4439Fernyhalgh. What a beautiful way to celebrate our Lady, the ever-Blessed Virgin Mary and the Lancashire Martyrs!

May our Lady of Fernyhalgh and the Lancashire Martyrs continue to intercede for us all.

Happy feast day.

Congratulations to the newly ordained, Fr. Franklin Osita Okafor and Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth Congregation.

Society of Mary Forward in Faith

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Each year, the Society of Mary Forward in Faith goes on pilgrimage to Ladyewell Shrine.The group is blessed to have their bishop lead this year’s pilgrimage. Providentially, it is the memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! What a joy to celebrate this day with the Society of Mary Forward in Faith. It was all blessing and joy for all as well as the priest Directors of Ladyewell Shrine who blessed the pilgrims at their request with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The group is glad to receive from the Bishop of R.C Diocese of Lancaster through the priest directors, a certificate of their pilgrimage

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Archdiocese of Liverpool Annual Pilgrimage & Day of Prayer for Vocations

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Liverpool R.C. Archdiocesan Annual Pilgrimage/Day of Prayer for Vocations.

Each year, the R.C Archdiocese of Liverpool come on pilgrimage to Ladyewell, the Shrine of our Lady and the Martyrs led by the Bishop of the Archdiocese. This year’s is remarkable in that it was a triple event of prayer and reflection. It was a day of prayer since the Archdiocese prayed for vocations; a day of pilgrimage for the faithful who had the opportunity to pray and reflect in a peaceful environment; and a day of reflection since the Auxiliary Bishop, Thomas Williams who led this year’s pilgrimage recalls the 44th year of his priestly ordination.

During the homily, the Bishop did point to the fact that a day of pilgrimage is a rare opportunity given to Christ’s faithful to pray, reflect about God’s goodness to us in the past, at the moment and then entrust the future to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine (cf. Eph 3:20).

The high mark of the pilgrimage was the exercise of devotion to our Lady through prayer of the Rosary in procession with the statue of our Lady of Fernyhalgh down the Lane of Fernyhalgh to the Shrine. This was conclude with the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament by the Bishop.


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Diocese of Lancaster – Annual Pilgrimage, Saturday 2 July 2016

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Programme of Events

Eucharistic celebration:  11 am at St. Mary’s Church

Eucharistic/Rosary Procession from St. Mary’s Church to Ladyewell Shrine (Weather permitting)                        after Mass

Blessing/Installation of the Divine Mercy Statue/Official Commissioning of the GUILD OF LADYEWELL SHRINE and Installation of the members.

Benediction with Homily:               3 pm

Please see the attached poster for full details:  Annual Pilgrimage (002)


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It is the feast of our dear Mother, Mary! – Are you her BELOVED CHILD?

Programme of events

4th April, 2016

  • Rosary Procession from St. Mary’s Church: 10 am
  • Tea/Coffee break
  • Exposition/Adoration: 11.30 – 12 noon followed by Mass for the Feast of the Annunciation.

Salford Diocesan Pilgrimage – October 2015

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASalford Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Ladyewell Shrine, 10th October 2015.


It was a great day of prayer and renewal for the faithful of the Diocese of Salford today. The pilgrimage began with the celebration of Mass presided over by the Rev. Canon MacBride and seven other priest in con-celebration. At the end of the Mass, all the faithful with the priests processed with the Blessed Sacrament while praying the Holy Rosary to the Well of our Lady. 

During the homily, Fr. David C., spoke on the Blessed Virgin Mary as a one who heard the word of God and kept it. Elaborating on this, he affirmed that Mary is both a Teacher and Mother. As a Mother, she cares and invites her children to Jesus; and he urged all to imitate Mary in being light shining on others and pointing to Jesus. The pilgrimage gave pilgrims in attendance the opportunity to receive the sacrament of Penance and ample time for private prayers and reflection.   

Leeds Diocese – Blessed John Henry Newman pilgrimage

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe place of Mary in the history of man’s salvation cannot be over emphasized. It has pleased our Lord Jesus Christ to give his mother to us as “perpetual Intercessor and Succour” through John the beloved at the foot of the Cross (cf. John 19:27-29).

The name of Mary is so sweet a song that those who love and honour her find peace and protection in mentioning her name. In 1684 during the pontificate of Pope Innocent XI, the Church established the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary to honour her: “And the virgin’s name was Mary” (cf. Luke 1:27).

It was to honour the name of our Lady’ name on the feast of her holy name celebrated every 12th September that her children from Blessed John Henry Newman’s parish came on pilgrimage to Mary’s Shrine – Ladyewell Shrine, Fernyhalgh. Those who were on pilgrimage testify to the blessings of God through Mary’s intercession. It was a day of prayer and great blessing.  

Ladyewell goes international – August 2015

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The month of August has been one of signal graces and blessings from the Mother of God.

For the first time since the history of Ladyewell Shrine, an international group came on pilgrimage. Today, the 31st August, 2015, the priest-directors of the shrine welcomed about 23 pilgrims from New York. The pilgrims had the privilege of going round the Shrine, visiting the Reliquary, the Chapel, the Stella Maris and Well, and the Martyrs Chapel. These August visitors in August to our Lady’s Shrine had the privilege of knowing in a bit the history of the Shrine given to them by the Secretary of the Shrine, Sue Gornall. The priests also gave them a brief introduction to the Life and Apostolate of their Order, the Holy Family Fathers and Brothers of the Youth. Indeed, it was a great way of ending the month of August with the New York Pilgrims at the Shrine of our Lady in Fernyhalgh, Preston, Lancashire, England. May God bless our Bishop Michael Campbell, OSA, the Diocese of Lancaster, Ladyewell Shrine, the priests and volunteers of Ladyewell Shrine. 

Fr. Ernest E. Attah, HFFBY and Fr. Mario-Benedict U. Ashuikeka, HFFBY.

Archdiocese of Liverpool – 2015 Pilgrimage to Fernyhalgh & Ladyewell

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The pilgrimage of the Archdiocese of Liverpool is marked by a great blessing from God through a bright and warm weather. It began with a Holy Mass presided over by the Archbishop of Liverpool with eight priests con-celebrating and over 200 faithful in attendance. “Every Christian has a specific call – a specific vocation. That is, “A call to Holiness of Life” With this, the Archbishop of Liverpool began his homily on the call of every Christian from God. However, this call to holiness of life is lived out by every Christian in a unique way, he explained. Thus, some are called to the married life, some to the priestly vocation, some still to the religious life as brothers and/or sisters to mention but a few. The Archbishop in his homily called for prayers from the faithful of the Archdiocese to God for increase in vocation to the priesthood and religious life. All prayed that God ignite in the hearts of the young the desire to live out the call to holiness of life through vocation to the priesthood and religious life.  



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