Church History


The beautiful  Grade 2 Listed  church of St Mary’s Fernyhalgh was built in 1794 by the Reverend Anthony Lund who was the missioner at Ladye Well the local Marian shrine . Fr Lund who had been at the shrine since 1773 realized that the small chapel at the shrine was not large enough to accommodate the many pilgrims who were coming to pray at the shrine. He resolved to build and endow a larger church unfortunately the nearest land he could purchase was a quarter of a mile along the lane. Fr Lund actively helped to build the church, the presbytery and the Hermitage house adjacent to the church.


The church was lavishly decorated and stained glass windows installed during the incumbency of Fr Richard Gillow 1823-1863; the devotion of Quarant Ore was introduced to Preston at St Marys during this period and many people came out to the church in carriages to see the beautiful image of Our Blessed Lady above the altar and to participate in the candle lit services in a church full of flowers.

To day the church still plays its part in the many pilgrimages that visit Ladyewell  they then walk saying the Rosary to the shrine. Despite the lack of a village the church has an active  congregation who care for it. It is well worth a visit to view its unique decoration.

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Fr. William Penketh1686Fr. William Gordon1880-1888
Fr. Christopher Tuttell1699-1727Fr. Daniel O'Hare1888-1893
Fr Edward Melling1727-Fr. John O'Reilly1893-1908
Fr. John Cowban1737-1742Fr. William Edward Blacoe1908-1937
Fr. George Kendall1744-1754Fr. John Felix Sullivan MA1939-1959
Fr. John Chadwick1755-1769Fr. John Joseph Slater D.Phil1959-1967
Fr. Robert Bannister1769-1773Canon Henry G. Tootell1967-1978
Fr. Anthony Lund1773-1811Fr Gerard A. Lomax1978-1986
Fr. Robert Blacoe1811-1823Fr. Thomas Vincent Smith PhL1986-2005
Fr. Richard Gillow1823-1863Canon Benedict Ruscillo
Chaplain to Ladyewell
- 2005
Provost Cookson1863-1878Fr. Thomas Hoole2005-2015


Tuesday to Saturday
10am - 5pm

House closed. Grounds and prayer room open.
Wed, Thu Fri & Sat
10am to 3.30pm

House closed. Grounds and prayer room open.
Sunday Masses at St. Mary’s – 10am and 3pmFriday and Saturday Masses at Ladyewell - 12noon
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