Your Pilgrimage


The ancient shrine of Ladyewell is at the end of a meandering country lane a quarter of a mile past the beautiful church of St. Mary’s Fernyhalgh which was built by Reverend Anthony Lund in 1794 to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims to Our Lady’s well.

The white house can be glimpsed through the trees as pilgrims follow the route of their ancestors along the final section of Fernyhalgh Lane to Ladyewell House (1685), the well and the picturesque grounds.

The well is to the right of the entrance to the gardens, water is made available direct from the well for those who are unable to get down the steps. Adjacent to this area is a covered prayer chapel “Stella Maris”, candles can be lit here and also at the candle stand overlooking the well.

In the garden is the English Martyrs Chapel which is perfect for pilgrimages in good weather. Behind this chapel, in the woods are The Stations of the Cross, this area is planted out with spring bulbs and bluebells. Within the gardens, pilgrims can find many areas for quiet prayer and reflection. Ladyewell House, which is the pilgrim administrative centre, also contains a small chapel the reliquary displaying the relics of the English Martyrs and the famous Burgess Altar.

The house contains a piety shop, bookshop, reference library, meeting rooms with facilities and tearoom. Disabled access is available to the ground floor. When planning your group Pilgrimage we would ask you please avoid Sunday because Ladyewell House is closed.. Groups should allow time to participate in Exposition and a holy hour.

Keep in touch with the website to get updates on Pilgrimage details. If you are bringing over 10 pilgrims, let us know. A booking form is available and can be downloaded from the website, alternatively ring administration who will be happy to discuss dates and give any information you require.

There is usually Mass on Fridays and Saturdays at 12 noon and often at other times if there is a pilgrimage. If you are intending to visit and wish to hear Mass it is advisable to check by phone first. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is also a regular feature on Fridays and Saturdays. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is usually available on request.

The house is closed during Mass; access to Mass can be gained by ringing the door bell. During the winter months special care should be taken when visiting the shrine grounds because of falling leaves and damp surfaces.

Shrine and grounds always open except during inclement weather

Car Parking

Large coaches must use the first car park at St Mary’s. All other cars can be parked in the designated car park 400 yds from the shrine. The car park at the Shrine is for drop off and disabled badge holders ONLY.

For safety reasons you may be asked to move if you are parked in the wrong place. Thank you for your co-operation.

Visting Clergy

Completed Testimonials are required for all officiating Roman Catholic clergy wishing to exercise their faculties within the Lancaster Diocese, appropriate forms available on request.

The Shrine director, Fr Tom Hoole and his team of volunteers look forward to welcoming you to Ladyewell. We hope your visit will leave you unburdened and spiritually renewed. Please follow the link to ‘Booking’ to access a booking form and arrange your pilgrimage to Ladyewell.

‘Fernyhalgh is mysterious; it is not superstition. It is tranquil; it is not hysterical. Fernyhalgh has survived endless change and development-always responding with faith to the needs of the Church in the midst of our world. Even today it represents a haven of silence and prayer; a vibrant centre of pilgrimage and devotion for thousands of Christians. It is a place too, where divine power and providence operate through the sacred shrine of Blessed Mary, Queen of Martyrs.’ (Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue – Emeritus Bishop of Lancaster



Tuesday to Saturday
10am - 5pm

House closed. Grounds and prayer room open.
Wed, Thu Fri & Sat
10am to 3.30pm

House closed. Grounds and prayer room open.
Sunday Masses at St. Mary’s – 10am and 3pmFriday and Saturday Masses at Ladyewell - 12noon
How to Book Your Visit

If you are wishing to book a visit, please use the link below.